Life Christian University is accredited through Accrediting Commission International. ACI is an internationally known, non-profit, church educational organization. They handle the accreditation of Christian theological seminaries, universities, and colleges throughout the world, providing supervision for almost 300 schools in 8 countries and in 38 states of the USA.

The Christian degree programs of Life Christian Bible Institute (Lockhart Campus) are designed to equip students to follow the Lord in the work of the ministry.  Through our partnership with Life Christian University (Tampa, FL), our curriculum has been accredited by a non-governmental accrediting agency. We have chosen not to seek governmental school accreditation offered by the U.S. Department of Education or a regional accrediting association because we believe we should not allow secular institutions to dictate the qualifications for instructors or the programs for a spirit-filled ministerial degree.

As a Christian college, Life Christian Bible Institute (Lockhart Campus) offers academic programs that are specifically designed to equip students who feel the call of God on their lives and who wish to build a ministerial career or to further their Christian education.  It is not for persons intending to build secular careers.

The articulation and acceptance of LCBI credits or degrees by other institutions, including employers, must be determined by the respective institutions.  This form of ministry accreditation is not recognized by the United States Department of Education, but is recognized by most churches, ministry institutions, and ministry organizations.