Program Information


Undergraduate coursework is split into four programs made up of 10 courses for which a student earns 3 credit-hours each, totaling 30 credit-hours per program. Each of these programs is completed within a single year, unless the student elects to move at a slower speed.

Programs 1-3 are standard for all students. All undergraduate students are required to complete Program 1 courses either by class instruction or by transfer from an approved institution. In Program 4 (senior year), students have a choice of majors (see below).

NOTE: Any program may change without advance notice.

Program 1:

Program 1 is foundational in nature and required for all students. It is designed to give each student a solid foundation for their own personal life and Christian walk. Program 1 addresses the four areas where Satan tries to keep a believer from being successful in life: faith, health, provision, and character. Program 1 also includes courses on the ministry of Jesus and a survey of the New Testament.

Program 2:

Program 2 is designed to give students a “jump start” into fulfilling the call of God on their lives. These courses provide training in such basics as Bible study, prayer, preaching, various giftings, and flowing with the anointing. Program 2 also includes a survey of the Old Testament as well as a course designed to help students discover their own purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Program 3:

Program 3 provides in-depth study of important books and doctrines of the Bible. Such study will help students achieve a greater degree of effectiveness in any area of church-related ministry.

Program 4:

Program 4 is the year of specialization as students move into courses designed to prepare them to preach and teach the Word of God and help in areas of specialized service in the local church. Courses are grouped into “tracks” and provide a subject concentration focused on the student’s major field of study. A maximum of 2 courses may be substituted in a Program 4 track as long as they have the same subject concentration. Students may choose courses from the Elective Course List below for Program 4.

NOTE: The senior-level degree tracks listed below are those currently available though THE Lockhart campus. The specialized degrees available at a physical campus location varies from campus to campus, depending upon the faculty available to them. 

Theology Track:

This major course of study continues to build a solid foundation in the Word of God and meets the needs of the Christian worker by equipping them for various areas of full-time Christian service. This is the default track for students who do not declare a specialized major.

Pastoral Ministry Track:

This major course of study helps prepare students for their callings as pastoral staff members of a local church and prepares them for graduate studies in theology and related fields.

Christian Counseling:

Christian Counseling is an essential part of ministry to the Church.  Salvation by faith is God’s method for making us whole – and salvation works!  This faith-filled program prepares lay counselors to work within their local churches.


  • Master in Theology
  • Master in Pastoral Ministry

A Master’s Degree is awarded to a student who successfully completes 36 credit hours of study at the graduate level.

Each track is made up of 10 courses and a formal thesis worth 6 credit hours for a total of 36 credit hours. (A master’s candidate has the option of substituting two (2) pre-approved elective courses in lieu of the formal, 50-page-minimum thesis.)


First-Level Doctorate:

  • Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) in Theology
  • Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) in Pastoral Ministry

Second-Level Doctorate:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pastoral Ministry

A Doctoral Degree is awarded to a student who successfully completes 45 credit-hours of study at the post-graduate level.

All doctoral-level programs are individually designed for qualified students who want an in-depth study of a particular area of ministry. Each 45-credit-hour program is designed as in-ministry education for ministry professionals and will build on ministry experience and previous education while challenging the individual candidate to pursue and realize their full potential. The Ph.D. program is the capstone to all previous academic degrees. It represents the most prestigious accomplishment in a student’s educational endeavors.

Doctoral Program Requirements:

  1. The completion of 5 postgraduate-level courses related to the student’s major and pre-approved by the student’s faculty advisor.
  2. One doctoral dissertation of a minimum of 150 pages. Dissertation guidelines are available from your student advisor.