Counseling Program Info


  • Watch your faith-filled courses at our campus – two hour-long videos a week!
  • Enjoy practicing your new skills during the third hour each week with your fellow students for hands-on counseling experiences.

* Prerequisite: LCU’s Program 1 in Theology.

NOTE: A one-time “Special Program Book Fee” of $100 is due at enrollment.


  • Pastors • Youth Pastors • Lay Counselors • Phone Counselors

Our Exciting, Faith-Filled Courses Include:

CC-452 Faith Therapy
This course teaches the basic principles of Faith Therapy, providing a description of the process of applying faith to both common and deeply-rooted problems, including poor self image, insecurity, low self worth, and abandonment.

CC-456 Effective Counseling Skills
This course teaches how to listen and observe a client; how to ask open-ended questions, paraphrase and summarize their answers; as well as how to connect and when to confront a client.

CC-446 Wonderful Counselor
This course addresses the role of the anointing in the counseling process and teaches how to flow with the Holy Spirit to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free!

CC-445 Temperament Theory
This course provides an understanding of the different types of temperaments and their various strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. This will prove helpful both in counseling situations and in helping clients improve their daily interactions with others.

CC-453 Transformation
This course provides a comprehensive method for Christian counseling derived directly from the Bible and gives in-depth biblical answers for many of the more complex and difficult psychological problems faced in the world and the Church.

CC-457 Marriage Counseling
This course gives biblical foundations for a lasting marriage. It covers gender differences, the deepest needs of men and women, as well as communication skills to help a client have the marriage they’ve always wanted.

CC-423 Counseled by God
In this course, you will learn how to help those you counsel hear directly from God for themselves, and move from guilt to hope, from fear to faith, and from anger to love.

CC-460 Facilitating Support Groups
Learn the skills necessary to effectively facilitate support groups.

CC-489 Group Dynamics
Small groups are one of the most effective ways of helping people make major changes in their lives. The fellowship and camaraderie, the group interaction, and support for new behaviors all contribute to this success. Learn the skills you need to set an atmosphere for listening, loving and personal growth!

CC-406 Family Counseling
This course gives practical guidance to helping break the family crazy cycle of family conflict. This course focuses on building healthy family dynamics by replacing the crazy family dysfunction. Discover the skills and insight of biblical principals of parenting for healthy family dynamics.