Q. If I miss Student Orientation, can I still take classes?

A.  If you are unable to attend Student Orientation, a recording can be obtained by contacting the school administrator.

Q.  Can I make payments on my tuition?

A.  Unlike a lot of other higher education institutions where tuition is required at the beginning of each semester, at LCBI tuition is required to be paid in full by the first night of each course.  In a sense, they way our program runs, you are on a payment plan.

Q. I’m not sure I want to take all the courses; can I just take one to start with?

A.  You can take one course at a time without having to sign up for the full year.

Q.  If I miss the first course, can I still sign up to take courses later in the year?

A.  One course is taught per month.  If you miss a course, you can wait and take the next course being offered the next month.

Q.  Does the institute offer a discount for married couples attending classes?

A.  Yes, a discount available.  For more information, talk to school administrator.