I grew up in a Christian home and was saved at a very young age, but since attending LCBI I believe that I have a deeper relationship with the Lord.  Through the daily Bible reading requirements and books that are assigned I feel a sense of accountability to the Word.  The classes are rich and powerful, teaching me aspects of the Word I’ve never seen before.  I highly recommend the school and can’t wait to see what God will accomplish through it.”    Michele N.

“I have had the pleasure of attending the classes offered and must say I thought I knew the Bible.  After taking several classes I not only learned more, but each class gave me new revelation.  I now hear with different ears.  I lead prayers…I quote scriptures…and I share what I have learned with my organization, and love to see the look on their faces as I share what God’s Word says.” Frank D.

“I am currently a student with Life Christian Bible Institute.  The school has been a complete blessing to me.  I have gained a greater understanding of the Word and have been able to grow strong in my spirit.  My family has benefited as well.  I love the class and look forward to studying and coming to class.  Praise the Lord!”   Missy S.

“I would recommend Life Christian Bible Institute program to every believer who wants to grow in faith and knowledge of the Word of God.  Personally, my faith has soared in the last few months as we have studied Bible Faith and the Authority of the Believer.  I believe this is a great way to equip the saints to do what our Lord Jesus called us to do.”   Julia J.